Take the wheel in creating your own clientele

11 Jun 2021

As a trademark attorney or firm, finding new clients is an everyday challenge. That is especially the case for new firms or individual attorneys, without a business development department or a comfortable marketing budget (if any). We know. That can be frustrating sometimes: how to reach new clients, with limited means?

Cue TMPassport, an online market place (in progress) where potential clients can search and select trademark attorneys and firms they would like to work with. We see that many clients, whether they are part of larger companies or small start-ups want to take control over their trademark portfolio. For example, in the EU, a considerable number of applicants file the trademarks without representation. And to be honest, that can be quite easy, as many trademark authorities have clear and informative website and application forms.

But, even DIY trademark holders need professional legal assistance sometimes, for example, when confronted with a foreign trademark filing, office action, opposition or infringement. TMPassport is also made for them. They can search and select trademark firms and attorney that suit them, using criteria as client rating, pricing and expertise. These are the same criteria that allow you, even without costly marketing campaigns or networks, to out in the crowd. Transparent and cost efficient: for the client and for you. Have a look at www.tmpassport.com and become an early adaptor in your country. No strings attached, we promise.