Standing out in the crowd

11 Jun 2021

As a trademark attorney, you know that filing a trademark has become rather easy. With informative websites and clear and easy-to-use online filing forms, trademark authorities are taking trademark filers by the hand. Moreover, with easy-to-use trademark registries, often organized by national trademark authorities, such as TMView, DIY users can conduct basic availability checks themselves, for free, or use or more sophisticated clearance search systems, which are now also aiming for trademark holders as a client, rather than for law and trademark firms alone.

But there are times that DIY trademark holders need professional legal assistance. For example, when confronted with a foreign trademark filing, office action, opposition or infringement, a trademark holder may want or need local representation. But, searching for a suitable foreign firm online can be a hassle. And, as a trademark attorney or firm, it is hard to stand out in the crowd.

Wouldn't it be great if there is a platform of international trademark and law firms, where DIY users can browse, compare and select a firm suited to their needs?

That is where TMPassport comes in. TMPassport will allow clients to find a suitable firm, using honest and transparent criteria, such as pricing and client rating. Let clients find and select you and your firm. Based on your qualities, your expertise and your rates. Transparent and cost efficient: for the client and for you. Have a look at and become an early adaptor in your country.